Nekto takes on a daily challenge : having a financial balance, maintaining a social spirit and getting its clients satisfied. This adapted work company offers a job to 160 adults that have a light mental, moving or sensory handicap and has the following mission : assuring integration and welfare at work for these handicapped people, through a rewarding activity. Twenty qualified professionals lead the workers and plan the work. 15 workers among the 160 adults are recipients living in the institutions accommodation.


Products are made and services are performed with quality in order to meet the needs and requirements from private, commercial or industrial customers. Nekto offers outsourced services in different areas : taking care of green zones, packing, sorting, etc.  These tasks are performed by an efficient and flexible staff, either in Nekto workshops or on the client’s site. Nekto also makes quality wooden products and wraps, for all kinds of companies.

There are different sections :



  • Nektopack : Packing and labelling different products for big distribution companies.
  • Paletterie : Making boxes and pallets of all sizes (1000 palets per day).
  • Valnico : Packing and sell of office supplies, hygiene products for companies or liberal professions
  • Call center
  • Green zones : Making and maintaining parks and gardens
  • Painting: Internal and external painting of buildings.
  • Digiservices : All kinds of packing : staples, sticking, labelling, sorting, mailings…
  • Menuiserie : Windows, display units, shelves, furniture for commercial places. All carpentry jobs for the industrial area.
  • Training : The first job is a key moment in a professional life. The training section takes care of young workers and supports them to help them to adapt to this new world. 
  • Services for companies : A motivated and qualified staff team works within the companies for outsourced jobs.
  • Ironing : Ironing for particular clients.
  • Nekto clean