Missions & principles

  More than 50 years of experience (created in 1963)

►  500 adult recipients of various ages and levels of autonomy

►  15 residential buildings

►  15 day work structures (providing over 50 different activities) and a adapted work company that counts 230 workers: Nekto.

►  50 teams and pedagogic, educational, administrative, technic and management services.

►  Coutinuous thinking and teams in constant evolution


  • 484 adults

    ► Male or female, aged at least of 18 and who cannot adapt to the social life on their own.

    ► From Belgian, French or Luxembourg nationalities, with light, medium or strong mental deficiencies, sometimes with associated handicaps.

  • Multidisciplinary teams

    Teams collaborate in order to aid these man and women in their life project and offer them welfare and optimized quality of life. Evaluations are run on a regular basis together with teams, the handicap recipient and its family or its legal representative.

  • Essential principles

    ► Personal development

    ► Socialization and integration

    ► Self-image valuation

    Self-image valuation

    ►  Acknowledgment of any handicapped person as subject to love and tenderness.


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