40 people are part of this workshop. The objectives are :


► Stimulating disabled peoples senses, following time and space pace.


► Arousing recipients curiosity for their environment.


► Offering recipients activities that can bring them acknowledgment. .


► Showing residents abilities through day life activities (taking care of itself, discovering its limits, giving etc)

  • Eveil Walking, dancing, relaxing, listening, watching, tasting, changing, feeling, touching and being touched, massaging, making up and hairdressing… the self image is very important
  • Craft activities ewels, scarves, cards, paper, key rings, handmade album etc
  • Sports workshop
    • Working on physical feeling and expression
    • Self transcendence
    • Psychomotricity
    • Endurance
    • Toning and relaxing
  • Leisure external activities: also bring self acknowledgment
  • Musical activities: